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New York University Profiles


Jonathan Cook

Machine Learning, Strategy & Product Operations


Region: Massachusetts, '11

Dr. Jonathan Cook’s love for science led him to TFA, where he taught the subject as a corps member.


Nick Melvoin

School Board Member


Region: Los Angeles, '10

Before Nick Melvoin was elected School Board Member in the second largest school district in the country, he was a Teach For America corps member advocating for communities in Los Angeles.

National Board of Directors

Kevin Huffman

Chief Executive Officer


Region: Houston, '92

Kevin Huffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Accelerate, a nonprofit initiative that seeks to embed high-impact tutoring programs in public schools now and for the long term.


Anjali Malipatil

Head of Philanthropy

PDT Partners

Region: New York, '06

Anjali Malipatil lauds her time as a middle school science teacher for preparing her for a career as Head of Philanthropy at PDT Partners, a global investment manager that funds strategic grants and projects for nonprofits and schools.


Aisha Dennis


Federal Public Defender of the Northern District of Texas

Region: Metro Atlanta, '08

TFA prepared Aisha to be a successful attorney. The experience gave her a deep connection to high-needs communities, taught her how to build relationships, and made her a better advocate.