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Since 2011, our teachers here have been working to ensure that more kids have access to a great education, in spite of the persistent challenges of poverty.

Teach For America has been partnering with students and families, educators, and community and business leaders in Appalachia since 2011 to help more kids have access to an excellent education and the life opportunities that come with it. We recruit and develop talented and passionate people who bring their unique life experiences into the classroom to broaden students’ perspectives—and their own.

Our corps members and alumni are making progress toward high academic expectations and students’ personal development, and work in partnership with school and community leaders to reach a collective vision: that we deliver on the promise of an excellent public education that will give students the chance to lead a life of their choosing.

We are dedicated to shaping the future of Appalachia beyond coal mining—our mission is to engage and develop a broad network of lifelong education advocates and ensure our students have the skills and knowledge to lead the greatest economic turnaround our country has seen. After all, it was a little more than 50 years ago when President Johnson declared a War on Poverty from the front porch of a home in Inez, Kentucky—one of the many communities we partner with to bring about systemic change in the mountains. Despite that rallying cry, people living in the region still face many challenges.

They also have many opportunities.

Our corps members, alumni, and staff in Appalachia work alongside fellow educators across the region who are willing to ask, "What will it take to give every student a 21st-century education?" and then take the steps to make this happen.


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