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More than 800 Teach For America alumni live in this capital city, organizing to ensure Austin students thrive.

Teach For America places corps members in 51 regions. The city of Austin isn’t one of these regions—yet many alumni have made this capital city their home. In fact, Austin has the largest alumni presence outside of TFA’s corps placement regions, attracting alumni from all four regions in Texas, and all around the country. 

Just a decade ago, there were only 100 alumni in Austin. Now, there are more than 800—and counting. By the year 2021, we predict well over 1,500 alumni will live in Austin. 

Alumni in Austin play a vibrant role in the city’s educational landscape, making it a natural fit to house Teach For America’s first alumni-focused location. Take a look at how alumni are involved: 

  • 80% of Austin-area TFA alumni work in education or with low-income communities
  • 40% are classroom teachers
  • 13% are in school leadership roles

Many alumni participate in TFA’s longest-running Alumni Board, founded in 2008. Since its formation, the Austin Alumni Board has provided alumni in the area with networking and leadership opportunities, as well as access to professional development, community engagement, and policy forums. 

Alumni are already deeply engaged in working to end educational inequity in the city. Now, as Teach For America formalizes the alumni presence, we will accelerate the progress and systemic change needed to ensure every child has an equal chance in life—in Austin, throughout Texas, and in the country as a whole. 

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