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We are Teach For America Jacksonville and Central Florida. Together, we are a force of hundreds of educators and leaders working to expand opportunities for thousands of students in Jacksonville since 2008, and in Central Florida since 2015. 


The Sunshine State's diversity emanates through our culture, architecture, cuisine, and attitude. Home to the country's oldest city of St. Augustine and the nation's "first coast," Florida is steeped in deep historical context. Wherever you are in Jacksonville or Central Florida, you're never more than 60 miles from the nearest body of saltwater. With thousands of miles of hiking, biking, paddling trails, and 175 state parks, Florida is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Since 2008, our educators and alumni have impacted tens of thousands of students across Jacksonville and Central Florida. More than just a source of excellent education leaders, we are a tight-knit, vibrant network grounded in our mission to provide all students with an excellent and equitable education and a future filled with opportunities. As a network and a broader community, we see progress across the state of Florida. Yet, opportunity in our highest-need communities remains disproportionately inaccessible across lines of race and income. Teach For America Jacksonville and Central Florida is committed to seeing the day where all students in our communities have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


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