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It is time to write the next chapter of Oklahoma City’s renaissance into 21st-century leadership. Join us in ensuring that story is inclusive, diverse, and inspiring, and that our children’s future is full of promise, opportunity, and self-realization.

Few places in our country provide us the opportunity to deeply connect with our history through the eyes of our indigenous nations and collaborate with diverse coalitions shaping the future of 21st-century life, discourse, and community. Oklahoma City and its inspiring renaissance story provides that unique and celebrated history, filled with stories of our resilience, perseverance, challenges, and triumphs.

From the resolute recovery after one of the worst domestic terrorism events on a federal building in downtown Oklahoma City in 1995, to the persistent advocacy that brought a major NBA franchise to our community, our story is one of progress and pride rooted in a growing appreciation of our diverse heritage. We are leveraging a multi-generational coalition to write the next chapter of our city's history. That chapter will expand access to civic conversation for communities that have had limited access to the spheres of leadership and power. Change is present everywhere.

As an Oklahoma City corps member, you have the opportunity to serve in a region that lives out this indelible spirit of progress in two distinct communities: Oklahoma City, the seat of state government and our state's capital, and Lawton, an area with a rich Native history that's home to a large military family community. With a diverse population of nearly 1.5 million, the Oklahoma City and Lawton metro areas have an underserved population that includes children who face considerable challenges. Corps members, alumni, and staff working in Oklahoma City and Lawton strive to build a more equitable system by promoting rigor, accountability, respect, and a commitment to collaboration. We are tasked with building a lasting pipeline of intergenerational leaders who have the conviction to demonstrate what is possible in historically underserved communities by shaping systems. We believe that, with this work, the future is promising.

Teach For America Oklahoma City began in 2011, serving communities in central and western Oklahoma. To date, more than 400 corps members have positively impacted the lives of thousands of students. Our teachers, alumni, and staff have adopted Oklahoma's spirit of collaboration, grit, and determination, and we work relentlessly to ensure the students of our region have the top opportunities they deserve.

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