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In "America's Finest City" we're part of a movement delivering on an education to match our motto.

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As we navigate an unprecedented moment in our nation’s history, we are deeply proud of our commitment to educational equity and the work that our corps members are doing day in and day out to support students and families. Teach For America is striving to reach a bold 10 year goal: “By the year 2030, twice as many children in communities where we work will reach key educational milestones indicating they are on a path to economic mobility and co-creating a future filled with possibility.”  

Reaching this goal will require us to do more and work differently to have the greatest impact on students. As we make thoughtful shifts to our program to accelerate impact, it is clear that one of our greatest assets and levers for change is the leadership of the more than 8,000 TFA alumni who live and work across the state of California. To that end, TFA San Diego will be taking on a leadership role in designing and piloting new alumni programming and initiatives designed to drive impact for students. This approach, called “Alumni Forward,” will produce insights and accelerate organizational learning statewide and nationally.

We will continue to support our 2nd year current corps members on their leadership journey, but we will be pausing our recruitment of new corps members to San Diego beginning in 2021. We are excited to see where this new approach will take us, and look forward to increasing both our footprint and our imprint across the state. We just can’t wait any longer as a country to take on the big systemic problems that hold kids back. We have an opportunity - and an obligation - to act now to support our students – and to reimagine a different future for them, one that is more equitable, more just, and more fair. 

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